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skin lesions

In the simplest terms, a foot lesion is an area on the skin of the foot that has a markedly different color and/or texture from surrounding skin.

Some foot lesions are self-contained, while others may spread or even be contagious. Lesions can be either benign or malignant.

Benign lesions on the feet can be marks and growths such as bumps, sores, ulcers, rashes, calluses, corns, insect bites, burns, birthmarks, blisters, and plantar warts. Even freckles and moles are considered benign lesions-however, they do have the potential of changing or appearing suddenly which may be a sign of malignancy.

Malignant lesions may appear normal at first, but change in some way either in size, color or texture. Sometimes, as in the case of a wound, you may not have noticed it before or it may not be healing.

Lesions develop for any number of reasons including hereditary conditions, bacterial or fungal infections, trauma, allergic reactions, animal or insect bites, or physical pressure on an area. They may also be caused by more serious, underlying issues and diseases such as gout, diabetes, psoriasis, lupus, vascular disorders, or cancer.

If you notice a change in any mark, growth, or patch on your feet, or something new appears suddenly-call our office so we can determine what kind of lesion it is, and how best to treat it.

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