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digital x ray

Digital x-rays have long proved their usefulness in the diagnosis of medical conditions. This applies in podiatry as well, where digital x-rays can be used to find and visualize various issues including:

  • Fractures
  • Joint dislocations
  • Tumors and masses
  • Arthritis
  • Foreign objects
  • And other problems that need to be identified and treated

Digital x-rays can also be used to evaluate changes in the bones from bone disease, to assess whether a child’s bones are growing normally, and to help determine whether bones are properly set after treating a fracture.

Digital x-ray imaging allows for the instantaneous display of the image that is being read and captured by the x-ray’s sensors. The part of your body being pictured is positioned between the x-ray machine and photographic film before being met with electromagnetic waves. These waves expose the film, creating the image of your internal structure. The latest in technology has allowed for safe digital x-ray imaging with low exposure.

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