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Dr. Scott Peters created the Ankle & Foot Walk-In Clinic in 2005 after having previously worked alone in private practice in Lyndhurst, Ohio.

Dr. Peters’ practice experienced explosive growth when he opened in 2000 and he was grateful that the medical community had embraced him. He found it unacceptable that his practice had grown to the point where his patients would have to wait 4-6 weeks for an appointment. “This was the catalyst for the Walk-In Clinic,” explains Dr. Peters. “There were so many podiatrists in our area and several of us were booked for months at a time. So, I decided to come up with a way to get my established patients and new patients in sooner with no more than 1 week wait. That’s how the Walk-In Clinic was born.”

Dr. Peters is now able to offer unprecedented access to medical care for maladies of the ankle and foot. Patients coming to the Walk-In Clinic are guaranteed to be seen without an appointment between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday with few exceptions. (Always best to call ahead!) Dr. Peters developed and implemented this concept so patients with emergencies, injuries, urgent issues or problems that started recently could be seen without having to wait six hours in the emergency department of the hospital or wait 6-8 weeks for a new appointment. He explained, “I would have a patient slip and miss the last couple steps or one of my runners would step in a hole or someone would wake up with an infection and they would have to go to the ER and wait six hours just to be told to follow up with a specialist. I would get calls from my receptionist asking if she should squeeze the patient in, but we just could not fit them into the schedule and I found it thoroughly frustrating!” So now patients have two days in the week where they can be seen for “unexpected” problems. It has also become popular because with the busy schedules people keep today, they don’t always know exactly when they will be able to make and keep an appointment. This way, they know they just have to show up before 2:45 and, amazingly, patient waiting time is anywhere from 5-60 minutes. This seems to keep everybody happy.

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